Putignano (375m above sea level – 28,000 inhabitants) is surrounded by hills in an area of great natural beauty, with the Trulli of Alberobello and Caves of Castellana 12 km and 6 km away respectively. The major cities of Bari, Lecce and Taranto are all easily accessible using the Sud-Est Railway and there are two nearby airports in Bari and Brindisi.


In medieval historic centre there many places worth visiting, including the churches of S. Pietro Apostolo, S. Maria La Greca and the Convento Grande, the Palazzo del Balì and the public library. Away from the historic centre you can also visit the churches of Carmine, S. Domenico and Cappuccini. Further from the centre of town you can also find the Grotta del Trullo and the nearby churches of S. Michele in Monte Laureto and Madonna delle Grazie in Mastricale, which were carved out of the rocks.


We are part of an initiative to promote exploring the many attractions of Puglia by bicycle. In this regard we can provide our guests with mountain bikes which can be used to travel in the surrounding area. However, if you do wish to bring your own bike, we have facilities available for you to store it.


Additionally, we can provide expert guides who can lead you on bicycle tours, but we can also supply our guests with maps and GPS coordinates to assist those who prefer to explore on their own. In summary, there is nothing more simple or as fun as a bicycle as a way to get in touch with the colours, flavours and sounds of our land!