The Rooms

Typing “Rooms” at the top on the selection bar will appear the names of the rooms of our b&b you can view:
– The Hall;

– The room “Angolo delle Lantane”;

– The room “Balcone dei gerani”.

Embellished outside by a beautiful bas relief, from stone balconies finely crafted and embellished by the colors and scents of Mediterranean plants and flowers, the B&B preserves doors, floors, paintings, furniture and vintage photos, including some depicting Maria Caterina Riccardi, heroine of the Risorgimento, the mother of five “garibaldini”. In an atmosphere so refined and elegant, in the silence of one of the ancient villages most beautiful and evocative of the Bari area, guests can watch from balconies overlooking Corso Garibaldi and Via S. Lucia to the rites of Holy Week, the processions in honor of saints and madonnas, the festivities of Carnival that begin December 26 with offshoots to end the evening of Shrove Tuesday.